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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
I don't mean a movie with all CG. I simply mean the style of it. Snyder's last four movies all have a very distinctive style about them that was accomplished with CGI. Look at the color palette and backgrounds in Watchmen. Very stylized in a dark way. The Superman pic looks the same way. The colors, the smoke, the glossy CG background. I am immediately reminded of the scenery and colors of Ozmandias's Antarctic lair. Definitely Snyder's.

But didn't Snyder say this would be his most realistic looking movie or something like that? So I can't base the entire movie off that one picture, but what we see is clearly very stylized. Not a single background in Nolan's, or say, Bryan Singer's comic book movies look anything like the background in our first official pic.
Actually to me this pic strangely reminds me of the machine gun sequence in SR...In fact if you were to photoshop Routh's face in Cavill's body, I'd say you could be looking at a promotional pic from "The Man of Steel" by Bryan Singer, 'cept they changed the outfit.

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