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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

Batman is SUPPOSED to be dark and edgy...... I think most of the GA realize the difference between a dark character(Batman) and a lighter character(Cap). Plus Just because something isn't 'dark' doesn't mean it isn't serious. There were serious threats in Captain America. Heck, Red Skull and Hydra were a greater threat to mankind then The Joker in TDK. Some people think if a film isn't dark, its not serious. Thats not true. It is also not true that TDK was so successful simply because it was dark. TDK is the best comic book film because it captures the feel and themes of that character while still making a great film that can be enjoyed by fans and non-comic fans alike. Batman's feel and theme happen to dark. Cap's aren't nearly as dark. If Marvel can make a great film that captures the themes and feel of Cap/Cap Comics while still making a film that is great for non-comic fans, then its a success. I think, for the most part, Joe Johnston and Company did that with the first film. There is room for improvement, but making it 'darker' is not one of them.

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