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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

I think Hugh Jackman's a great Wolverine. His physical appearance really pulls it off. IMO strange as it sounds I think that nose of his fits well for the part given that the character has a sort of animalistic quality and keen sense of smell. It also gives him a bit of a snarl that works well.

My only problem is that he's overused. Even if he is a show-stealer in the sense that he's a fan favorite, the writers should know better by keeping him reserved within his appropriate place in the story so he can be appreciated within that capacity. He should not be up front and have all the focus, especially over Cyclops who's supposed to the leader (next to Xavier).

On a side note I definitely wasn't a fan of Wolverine Origins. I agree with the general critique that begged the question of why we needed to hear that story in the first place. X-Men is all about the human/mutant struggle, and the ambiguity of Wolverine's past and the pains he endured served within the bigger picture as a dark omen of the direction those human/mutant relations were heading. Wolverine Origins was about... well... Wolverine.. as if he didn't get enough attention in the other three films.

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