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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
It's not doing poorly overseas.
It's not doing well here. I saw it with 3 mates in a theatre earlier this week and it was less than half full. Out of the 4 of us, 3 of us disliked it (including me). I felt it was a poor attempt to re-hash the first Iron Man, and for me it failed because the story wasn't driven enough to move me. I wanted to like it, I really did... but I found myself shifting in my seat. Everything leading up to Evans become Captain America was pretty solid. After that I don't think he became the character he was supposed to be. I didn't admire him, and I certainly didn't find him interesting to watch. Also the action sequences I felt were fairly poor, and not solid enough to make up for the lack of plot. If it does poorly, it has nothing to do with "America"... it's because it's not a good film.


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