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Default Re: The Action Scenes

I should have explained further. Like for example when Cap was fighting I didn't see a super-hero there. But Cap in the comics has an unusual fighting style, he's like an acrobat, doing flips left and right. He's very creative. While in this movie he was like just another soldier. When I watched Troy with Brad Pitt, when he fought Eric Bana in the desisive fight, he used his shield in such a creative manner, then it made me think Cap in fight could be awesome. Yet, we saw none of that in Cap movie.

Furthermore when there were action scenes it felt like "alright this is what the heroes need to accomplish, let them go in there beat the bad guys". It seems like the movie production of Captain America did not take the time to have at least a few memorable scenes. It was just "they do what they must do" and that's it. On the other hand, when you watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, there would be scenes you will remember forever. Hell even in the Last Crusade there's a tank scene where Indie and his father are fighting Nazies on a tank and they almost get squeezed in on a rock. So much care is worked into that one scene. And the heroes are in peril. You never feel like Cap was ever in peril in his movie, you never feared he would get killed.

Watch Superman: The Movie there are several memorable ones. For instance, the helicopter scene. It's simple enough: there's an helicopter accident. Lois is in it, she's about to fall to her death, Superman shows up, save her, grab, the vehicule and the people cheer like crazy. It seems simple enough right? But they took so much care on that scene that it became a classic. And it made you fall in love with Superman. Now Cap is Marvel's Superman, I wish there would have been scenes to inspire that sort of passion for him.

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