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Default Re: Opening Scene for Cap2

I think:

a) Hitler didn't even *know* about nuclear war, beyond the theoretical at best;
b) The U.S. invented nuclear war in 1945 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, long after Hitler was already dead in his bunker and Europe was already pacified;
c) the Holocaust had already happened long before that date, and had been exposed; so Cap wouldn't need to feel the slightest bit guilty or "responsible" for any of those deaths.

And, I think the movie already did a good job of showing the famous Cap-punching-Hitler scene as propagandized fiction for USO shows and homefront morale, rather than an actual mission. (Face it: if Cap and His Howling Commandoes had ever been given a mission to confront Adolf Hitler face to face, Steve would've been doing a whole helluva lot more than just punching him out. The war would have ended with a bullet to the Fuehrer's brain.)

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