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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

I think what some fail to realize is that Bats TRAINED himself to be at the UTMOST or MAXIMUM capacity of what his NATURAL body can be. Which by normal standards is amazing.
Cap on the other hand his LITERALLY the PEAK in ALL AREAS. Which, makes him STRADDLE the SUPERHUMAN category.
And I'm Speaking of 616 CAP, NOT Ultimate.
DO we really know how strong the strongest human is? Probably not. But CAP is it, (mayhaps a smidge more)
Can Bats be as strong as CAP? SURE. But his speed and mobility go right out the window, as he would most likely end up being built akin to Bane.
Because Normal human physiology doesnt lend it self to reaching Human maximums in all areas. Bats has balanced himself at his abilities.
Caps Super Soldier Serum, however really imposes no such limits.
Also, Bruce, in what little spare time he has is tinkering with new devices, running a multi-national conglomerate, and keeping up the false "playboy" facade.
oh, and he has to train to maintain.
what do we usually see Cap doing, when he's not out fighting his or the Avengers rougues gallery?
Training. ALMOST ALWAYS TRAINING. Although he already has the PERFECT PERFORMANCE body, the man STILL tries and IMPROVE.
And YES. Batman is BRILLIANT. Absolutely BRILLIANT.
But the serum has also affected an already street smart kid's (Steve) brain to work extemely fast. I'm sure if cap went about going to learn about chemisty, physics etc, he could be right up there with Reed Richards, and Hank Pym in book smarts. But his interests do not lie in those areas.
Batman vs. Cap in Jeopardy? Bats would more than likely have a HANDY victory.
But on the battlefield? Caps problem solving/strategy devising would more than likely be a hair or more faster than the Bat.
And with the Marvel DC "fight" between the two?
They never actually really full on 'hit' eachother. It was a TAP, PARRY, FEINT, SHIFT.
They were merely assesing the others movements and abilities.
there really was no need for anyone to 'keep up' with eachother.
Again, Batman COULD pull out a win. Its NOT impossible. But Cap has more of a likelyhood of victory.
And I love both these characters.

"On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena...speed against Hermes...power against Zeus. But we measure courage...against Captain America."

-Hercules, Captain America #444
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