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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

People have said this for decades, and i've come to realize how much I disagree. This argument is most likely based on his lack of superpowers. True, he has the physical limitations of an ordinary man, trained to the peak by hard work and discipline. BUt I'm afraid his realism pretty much ends there.

Batman is probably the most unrealistic superhero out there. Simply because he's supposed to be a normal human, so everything he does is just not possible.

If you take Spider-Man: the origin is of course unrealistic but the moment he actually has those powers the idea of him fighting crime kinda makes sense and would be possible.

In the end I don't get the fuzz, superheroes are daytime fantasies, nothing else.
First off, let's look at the fact that he's a multi-billionaire. I know that such people exist, but I am not one of them nor is anyone with whom I'm personally acquainted. I doubt many comic fans can say otherwise. So this aspect makes him an intangible, unrelatable character in a sense.
I've often mentioned this too. Batman is not that relatable.He's wishfulfillment, quite similar to Superman, although Superman at least has some real life aspects to him lots of people actually experience. But hardly anyone is a multimillionaire who lost his parents.

Then you look at his history: Parents are gunned down in an alley by a desperate mugger, who in turn leaves a living witness? Pretty unlikely. Then he's raised by Alfred. How the hell does the custody of the sole heir to a massive empire fall into the hands of the help? And how do you parent your boss? "You're grounded!" "You're fired!"
We must be honest here: This aspect is a big retcon! Originally Alfred became butler AFTER Batman's started his career, before he was raised by his uncle, Philip Wayne.

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