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Default Re: MOS Trilogy: Villains? Plots? Supporting Cast?

Originally Posted by JoshuaS92 View Post
If I where Goyer, I would introduce Brainiac in the first film in order to build up the Death of Superman storyline.

So in the sequel Brainiac is the main villain, and before he is defeated he unleashes Doomsday, where he would defeat Superman to the death, setting up the third film.
I would love for this to happen in the sequel. I kind of had the same idea for a trilogy during the time when we weren't getting any Superman movie news. Anyways my choices for villains would be Lex Luthor, Brainiac and Doomsday (only for the last half hour) in the second movie with Darkseid being the ultimate threat in the third film. As far as the story goes I have to wait to see how this film will play out.

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