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Default Re: MOS Trilogy: Villains? Plots? Supporting Cast?

Movie 1: Zod/ Superman's struggle to get the government to trust him. Luthor as a background figure, unseen, but mentioned as a major corrupt player in Metropolis, that Lois has been trying to get dirt on.

Movie 2: Rise of Intergang as organised crime starts to take over, criminals feeling they can't safely operate without some form of protection now that Superman is about. Luthor and Mannheim clash after Intergang interferes in Lex's business. Lex has had his labs looking in to the properties of an unknown element they've discovered (kryptonite). One of the lab employees has been recruited by Intergang and steals it. They then use it to create Metallo (using the very guy who stole it as the experiment) as they realise they need to destroy Superman in order to be top dog in Metropolis. However, the guy escapes, running back to Luthor and begging for his help. Lex sets him on the big wigs of Intergang. He manages to take out the majority, but Superman soon steps in, unknown to him or anyone how effective Metallo will be against him. After he escaped the first fight, Luthor realises it must be something to do with the extra terrestrial rock, and sees the opportunity to rid himself of Superman once and for all. He sets up a disaster to lure him out. Superman turns up, but eventually wins out against Metallo, whose creation is then traced back to Mannheim, leaving Lex to get off scott free. On the run, Mannheim stumbles across an encounter with Darkseid and makes a deal.

Movie 3: Start with a little bit of the 'Origin of Darkseid' history, and then move back into the real world with Bruno Mannheim being his man on the inside.

That's how i'd do it anyway.

I know a lot of people want Brainiac. But Darseid has always seemed like a much darker and scarier villain to me, and I think it'd make for a more spectacular end to a triology.

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