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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Lets not forget there's supposed to be some things in the Asgardian Vault on the DVD/Bluray. We THINK Strange's orb is in the Vault so I wouldn't put it past them to sneak Mandrin's rings somewhere.
You mean we get an extra look into the vault on the DVD? That would be sweet.

I read somewhere that's actually the "Warlock's eye" which looks similar but is from an old Thor comic (though it still sounds pretty magical based to me). It was on a random website in an article with some of the movie's concepts (used and unused) shortly after Thor's release.

My hope for IM3 is that they do Mandarin without fudging it and doing some awkward rewrite to fit in solely with the Iron Man movie world.

I don't want to see a version where they over explain the working of the rings with some psuedo-science that fits more in line with their world or ignore the rings for some other version of the Mandarin. Personally I would like it if the most explanation they got was that the rings were some left over from an advanced race and just treated as a MacGuffin and the real focus being on the character and motivations of the Mandarin. That way he and the rings could keep and element of mysticism about him.

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