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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
To me, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are playing different incarnations of Batman. Michael Keaton's Batman is based on Batman in his first appearances, while Christian Bale's Batman is based on the modern Batman.
Exactly. And thats the condensed truth. The main mistake in this thread is that some people take one version of Batman from certain age and judge all the Batmans on it, while they were based on different incarnations and were very faithful to their sources. Keaton was Batman of the early 40s, Kilmer was based on the 70s, Clooney on 60s and Bale on graphic novels and mini series' of the late 80s and early 90s. Therefore Keaton is more like Dracula, not appearing much and acting like a ghost almost, Clooney acts like a normal guy in a halloween suit and Kilmer and Bale are more or less the closest because theyre based on eras that were close to each other and are more about their backstories and motivations

Originally Posted by Marx View Post

Having an opposing opinion is not trolling. If someone crosses the line, it will be addressed. There's no double standard.
So its fine to only visit a certain section youre not a fan of to bash in every single thread?

Originally Posted by noonelovesrobin View Post

Burton's and Keaton's Batman might be your favorite Batman&Wayne version but as performance and effort Bale did much more and much better.Not even close.
Better how? Its not better, its what you prefer, Goth vampire story or a superhero story (I love both) They were aiming for different things and were both perfect in achieving what they were suppose to achieve. Bale played the more conventional main character, played a guy on his emotional journey and his way to becoming this iconic crime fighting figure. Keaton, as explained by Burton, was suppose to base his performance and play as in a silent film, play with eyes like people in the silent expressionism films, play a quiet spook like Nosferatu. Completely different approaches and both perfect for their portrayals and both very complex. One shown as complex through series of events, one from being a very mysterious guy that we can never fully figure out. Someone who, as stated by Hamm, is indeed insane, hence the occasional smiling, sitting alone in the dark room, hanging upside down and sadistic kills

And as for Keaton being tiny, its another one of those BS myths that were widespread by haters and the so called Nolan Nazis (aka the type of fans of the Nolan Bat films who give us normal fans a bad name online). Keaton is only 2 inches shorter than Bale and is very well built.


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