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Default Re: Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

Thanks for the feedback guys.

New update. I'm still working on the story, it's taking awhile because it's the most challenging & the most important aspect of the project. I always ask myself "would Tim Burton do this" whenever I come up with ideas rather than doing something that takes place in the same universe with similar visuals but an entire different approach. This is going to be it's own story but continues to carry the spirit of the Burton-Two. This has a lot to do with Tim Burton not being a fan of sequels which is the reason Returns was much different yet fresh. However there will be a couple of things that will get addressed briefly. Similar to Bruce acknowledging his past relationship with Vickie Vale and the time Alfred showed her the way to the cave. It's going to get pretty dark and there's still going to be that mysterious aspect that was included in both of Burton's Batman films.

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