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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Hi guys

Okay first, I've felt quite a heating from some of those posts above, and I don't think we need this. Let's just post what we know, with some examples if we can, and keep it civil. No need to go all blackest nights on each other, this isn't a dark reign ... nevermind

So, Cap wins.

Now, Godzilla2014, the article you've been using is inaccurate. I tried to find a more reliable source on the internet but I couldn't find anything we could really use. For example, there is a superhero database (just google it) that says Cap doesn't have any superhuman attribute. And then a few lines after they tell you he has superstrengh. What I can do is find my old Strange Special Origins that I have somewhere ... somewhere and scan the Captain America page. It has a fully detailed article about Cap, and it comes directly from Marvel, so this could be a solid argument to use. And it wasn’t made just by one author, it was a recap of everything Marvel knew about their characters. Now I don't know if DC ever released stuff like that, with precise information on their heroes, not just stuff that's showed in a book and changes from one author to another. So I'll try to post my Cap "resume" ^^ and If someone have the equivalent for Batman, please, share it with us.

So I said Cap wins, because that outcome makes more sense. To me at least. But let's just think about all this now. Batman is supposed to be the ultimate fighter of the DC universe, he has also studied almost every scientific field, trained with magicians, stunt masters, thieves … He manages his multinational company with great success and spends a lot of time playing playboy as Bruce Wayne. And all of that while being a simple human. Many people think it’s impressive. I say it’s impossible. And yeah I know, it’s comic books, it is supposed to be impossible. But bear with me one moment please. He doesn’t have the time to do all these things. When does he sleeps? At best he should be average in all those disciplines, and it would still be very impressive. That would still make him a superhero. But he is describe as being not as perfect as a human can be, but as perfect as 10 humans training all the time in various specialties could be if they were merged into one person. Batman made sense to me as fighter, because of the training and equipment and motivation and all. But then he was overused, at some point he was even showed using magic, building stuff more advanced than the martian technology, kicking Shiva’s ass with ease and so on. And I can’t make sense of all this. It feels like he wins most of the time because he’s Batman.
On the other hand, Cap is a soldier. He knows how to fight, how to command, and he constantly strives to get better at those things. He barely has a social life outside the uniform and he trains, again and again and again. He trains to fight superhuman, normal humans, synthetic being, from a far distance, in close combat, with the ground shaking or in a freezing wind or … in all his career, he has been shown to train to face almost any combat situation, often asking Tony Stark or the Black Panther to redesign new training simulation. And when he is not training, he faces those situations. Even without the super soldier serum, he definitely is a better fighter than Batman. He is also used to think very fast because his team is waiting for his orders. He must adapt his strategy constantly during battle because his teammates get hurt, a new challenger arrives, the battleground gets leveled and stuff like that. Cap is superior in term of training and experience.
And about physical prowess, Cap can stop a charging Hulk just by standing there and blocking the green giant with his shield. Then he can punch the said-Hulk, not enough to beat him but enough to really hurt him, even drawing blood if he used his shield.

So yeah, basically Cap wins because I can’t honestly think of a reason why Batman could win other that the fact he is Batman.
Now I said a lot of stuff here, and I ask that you don’t consider any of that real hard proof of anything until I bring evidence to back up my claim. Hell I could be wrong here and I’ll change my mind all by myself by proving I’m wrong, could be fun ^^. I’m gonna go dig in my comic collection and scan some pages, I’ll get back to you later.

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