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Default Re: Iron Man/Tony Stark's legal authority as SHIELD Director

Wow, no answers? C'mon guys, that's an interesting topic!
But agreed, it's not easy. This is the problem I have with mainstream comic books since roughly 2005. We can't know. The author just trows heroes into legal position without making any research or explaining anything. In the end, is Stark supposed to be like the director of the CIA or FBI? Does he have the same kind of authority? I don't know. Just like we don't know if arresting people because of racial differences (Mutants, aliens ... cyborgs? XD) during the Civil War arc was legal or no. Me I say it was illegal and the country should have been thrown into a hell worse civil war if it had be written by a better author.
So in my opinion, if Doom didn't sign any treaty acknowledging the authority of the SHIELD, and I'm sure he never did that, then Stark went over his head on this one.

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