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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Generation Lee View Post
You all know Nocturne has a tail right, just saying lol.
I saw online that they have said that Wolverine isn't the centre of the Universe in this comic well see others and sometimes we may not see Wolverine. If this is in fact the case, why the hell do we need his name on the title. Looking at this team it could have been X-Men and we could have got rid of that needless comic we have now.
The title seems odd then if its not all about Wolverine. As it stands, one would think it were a Wolverine solo with a rotating cast of X-characters. Im sure that wont be the case, but I wish they'd change the name. Im surprised they never used Amazing X-men again, especially since they like to recycle old titles

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