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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Elayis View Post

If ends up doing it (which I highly doubt, but still, let's let this hypothetical situation be pondered for a moment), I would seriously consider not seeing the film. Battle: Los Angeles was one of the worst film experiences I've had in some time, and even though I love Whedon and all of the actors involved... just... no.
It's all about what the director and producers want. I enjoyed Tyler's Battle: LA score, but I disagree on that he always delivers bombastic action scores. I'll agree that he relies a bit too much on electronics and percussion nowadays, but Tyler is flexible. He can deliver subtle, suspenseful music and better-arranged action music. (It's just a lot of the producers he works with demand that kind of sound. But at least he composes and conducts all his music when he can.)

When I heard David Newman was scoring Whedon's Serenity, I was skeptical. But his score was surprisingly different and good... so if Tyler gets the Avengers gig I'm sure he'll tone down his excesses and such.

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