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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
True, but he still comes off as lacking Batman's traditional drive and obsession. He is neither the laconic, weird creature of the night that Michael Keaton's Batman was nor the frightening, driven man of justice that Christian Bale's Batman is. He comes across as having become depressed by his parents' death, and such depression isn't consistent with the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that becoming and being Batman would entail.
I think you're mis-construing the character altogether. He is still portrayed as all of those things. He still has the capacity to frighten criminals (note the scene where the mere sight of him causes that whole alley full of scumbags who were attacking Dick to scatter in fear).

He's still driven by justice or do you consider his quest to bring down Two Face not a man driven by justice?

He's still very much obsessive, which is why he sees in Dick what he saw in himself. It's why he takes him into his home. It's why he's adamant that Dick not kill Two Face because if he does he'll lose himself to the darkness like he did. He even mistakenly says "I killed them" when he's referring to the death of Dick's parents.

Batman is a character depressed and haunted by his parents' death. For the first time we get to see it used effectively and not just as a plot device. Batman Begins also did something similar with Bruce being haunted by images of bats and having flashbacks to when his parents were killed. These are things that haunt him.

Did you forget about the flashbacks to the Waynes' deaths in Batman (1989)?
Yes, but that was only prompted by him recognizing Joker as his parents' killer. Kilmer's Batman was always haunted by these images without having to be looking at the face of his parents' killer.

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