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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by theman View Post
actually, i would rate all the batmans pretty much in the order they were released, actor wise. keaton was the best, hands down. i have absolutly no issues with him as batman, he just fit the role despite his size. val kilmer was a step down, but i thought he still rocked as batman and did a good solid job and brought a different kind of energy to the roll, not to mention more athletic and he looked bangin in that sleek batsuit. george clooney for some might be the worst, but he was the most likeable batman, obviously very friendly and i thought his scenes as bruce wayne were better then his batman scenes. at least he was likeable. then you got bale who i just plain couldnt stand in or out of that rediculous looking batsuit with the gigantic egghead cowl and the silly looking S&M rubber and cloth cape. the Begins suit looked downright awful, worst suit of the films, even more then TDK suit, which doesnt get a free pass either but at least it looked a bit sleeker. still, bale to me is wooden, comes off as an irritating college kid who can do anything he wants and get away with it. i honestly dont see whats so special about him as batman. he lacks charisma that even clooney managed to have.
Bale is a great actor but he doesn't work that well for a psychological take on Bruce Wayne or Batman. To me, he's just a replaceable actor. Sometimes when he's in the suit and growling, I wonder if a stunt person could do just as good as a job.

That still irks me, why does he growl so much? I've never pictured Batman in any incarnation to need to growl to remain feared or to keep his identity a secret.

I think Clooney's could possibly work in a live action TDK Returns movie.

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