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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by christpunchers View Post
I have always thought it was lame to make Joker to be the Waynes' killer.

However I thought that maybe this is left to our interpretations. Perhaps Jack may or may not be the killer.

This is because it's all in Bruce's head, it's all in memories and flashbacks.

Keaton's Bruce Wayne is so psychotic that maybe his mind is playing tricks on him. He's subconsciously PROJECTING Jack's face onto the shadowy figure that he met a life time ago.

It could have been a different Jack, it could have been anybody. Associating the two, the Killer and the Joker, just made his job easier because he finds more devotion.

This confusion in regards to whether or not Jack killed his folks, or if it's Bruce just going mental, makes Keaton's take truly "mysterious".
I don't think that was at all intended to be taken that way, but it would make Batman the first superhero psychological thriller. That would be really interesting.

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Burton just wanted to give him a greater reason to hate Joker and make it all relate. Nolan basically did it via inspiration from most of the books by having them relate due to Joker being obsessed with Batman and viewing him as a lifelong yin to his yang.
Pretty much.

Originally Posted by ChewieSoup View Post
Michael Keaton anyday!
If you prefer Michael Keaton's Batman, wouldn't be more appropriate since he wore the symbol with the ellipse, while Christian Bale wore the simple black bat? Just saying.

Fan of Christopher Nolan's Batman!
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The more you know.
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