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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Outside of The Dark Knight, this is probably the best Batman movie to date. It's practically flawless.

My favorite scene is the whole final confrontation between Andrea and the Joker. When the Joker laughs in the face of death when the whole World of the Future theme park starts to explode, I get chills. Shirley Walker's music in this scene is epic.
I personally don't think I can fairly compare Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to either of the Nolan films, since I only have a fossilized VHS of it, and I haven't watched it in years, quite possibly since before Batman Begins came out. While I remember it fondly, I don't know how that opinion might change with my maturity in the intervening years.

Originally Posted by Mister Meddle View Post
Mask Of The Phantasm on DVD for only $3.90 bran new on Amazon.

They really need to release this on blu ray....

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The more you know.
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