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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
I have to say that one of the few missed opportunities of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was the lack of a follow-up. The revelations and character growth nor any of the events of the movie were ever referred to in Batman: The Animated Series. As a result, it comes off as less the DCAU equivalent of Batman Begins, but an out-of-continuity tale. It's not so much a problem with the film in and of itself, but the film as a part of a larger continuity. Does that make sense?
I get it but i suppose it didn't do well in the box office and only decided to tie it in to the dcau during jlu's epilogue ep (which was nice).

but then again none of the batman films are tied into continuity, i would say thank god because mystery of the batwoman was horrendous.

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