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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

the phantasm is a great story about two people's descent into a revenge based life and their 2 attempts to mutually save each other.

the film is so beautiful, I can't even bring to words how i feel about it.

and the joker was just pure awesome, his final laugh is so.....breathtaking.

shirley walker bless her soul also put together the best batman score together for that film.

and bruce putting on his mask for the first time is THE DEFINITIVE SUPERHERO MOMENT IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF CINEMA.

alfred's reaction, the man who's raised him from a tiny boy, sees lil bruce has become a souless monster, an outworldly entity and his 'my god' just highlights how much of bruce's humanity he's given up to his course. That scene is in affect the death of bruce wayne

let me not even talk about the 'i didn't count on being happy' graveyard scene which still makes me cry to this day.

phantasm has it all.

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