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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

I think after Begins came out Kilmer's weak and mismatched portrayal was even more evident. Both Bale and Kilmer were all about the cave memories and the rememberance of the murder night. Yet ALL Kilmer did was being sad and depressed, and Bale was so much more complex and developed and multilayered and real. Even in the suit, Kilmer was just this sad guy. Sad. Even when he was fighting criminals he either looked sad or frightened. Keaton was always vicious looking, making angry eyes and facial expressions. Same with Bale. Plus Bale wasnt moping around all the time in and outside the suit.

Kilmer was a big mistake imo, as was everything in Schumacher's Batman movies. Imo Forever isnt much better than B&R

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