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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
BATMAN: A human vigilante with gadgets and a lot of money

SUPERMAN: An alien who looks exactly like a human in every way, who travelled in a spaceship capable of reaching earth from Krypton without him ageing at all, and can defy gravity, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, see through things, blow fires out with one breath, pick up an entire house, catch a bullet, all because his planet had a different sun...

If it is not obvious to you which one is the more realistic, then you've lost me completely...
this conversation isn't about powers which i brought up in my initial posts. It's about character concept.

to which i say superman's character origins are far more realistic.

how many billion people have lived so far, lived with substantial amounts of wonga who have had tragic upbringings that have committed themselves to a vigilante lifestlye?


yet we have stories of outsiders entering basic communities, integrating and ultimately making them better while upholding their beliefs. i.e. hercules, tarzan, dragonball, new adventures of he-man, farscape, buck rogers. it even has its own trope have a look, heck superman even has his own section in it

Originally Posted by mighty whitey trope
Oddly enough, Superman may be the earliest example of a superhero playing to a variation of this trope, except that the "mighty whitey" is actually an alien, and the entire human race are the natives who he joins (in contrast to the more common Sci-fi variant of the trope where the opposite would be the case). Kal-el learns the ways of the primitive Earth folk and ultimately becomes their greatest champion while inspiring them to bring out the best in their culture, and even turns against the race he was born to when they try to molest his new home with their advanced strength and weapons.
i mean crumbs, the moses story in the bible is pretty much superman's. I'm not going to get into whether the bible is real or not but there are more examples of this in 'historical' literature than batman's.

this is my point. I don't know why you are glossing over it and concentrating on aspects of the characters which are irrelevant to them. If clark's kryptonian nature gave him no powers what so ever, he'd still be more realistic.

the only issue per say is whether or not his intergration into the human race as a child would make him more/less dedicated to the cause or not (i mean if he had come later on, it may have made a difference on his outlook).

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