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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
I don't think that's true at all. I think before he met her, Bruce was going with his plan full force, but what Andrea did was introduce second thoughts into his head, something that I haven't seen in any other incarnation (Bruce questioning if he wants to be Batman BEFORE he becomes Batman). Bruce didn't become Batman because of Andrea, but when she left him he realized that in this world he couldn't find happiness, and that he shouldn't try to look for it. In a way, Bruce grows up through Andrea, when she leaves he finally faces up to his responsibilities and becomes the costumed avenger we love today. Just my two cents.
Agreed. When she left, he realized he had nothing left. The idea of a normal life was gone for him. Well, there was Alfred, but that is a different type of relationship.

Originally Posted by The Joker
I think Payaso means Bruce was willing to drop his crusade to become Batman in order to be with Andrea. When she came back into his life years later and they re-connected, he was again contemplating giving up to be with her.
Yeah, but Bruce tried to give up on being Batman to be with Rachel in TDK, too.

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014
Rachel's involvement in Bruce's path to becoming Batman in Batman Begins is VERY different from Andrea's involvement in Bruce's path to becoming Batman in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.
Rachel gave Bruce the foundation of his moral and ethical codes as Batman, and her conversation with Bruce in BB is the beginning of Bruce's journey to becoming Batman.
In B:MotP, Bruce was already on the path to becoming Batman, and was willing to give that up to be with Andrea.
Right, but it's uncertain what would've become of Bruce had Rachel never dropped him off at Falcone's. Nolan's Bruce needed to be spoonfed a lot of moral codes and dilemmas to get into the mindset of becoming Batman. He was directionless, and I'm not sure that he would've gone on any journey around the world without Rachel and Falcone.

And again in TDK, he was willing to give up on being Batman to be with Rachel. In MOTP, I believe he wanted to financially help the police to make up for not being Batman, and in TDK he wanted to um...Well Dent was on the scene so apparently everyting would be fine now

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