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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Yeah...the "backup" scene is straight out of the Year One graphic novel.

I prefer Bale's growl, personally, to the Keaton whisper. If for anything, we're able to hear him yell. Keaton's whisper was great, but if he had to raise it or anything it didn't work for me anymore. Coming across as cold, calculating, unemotional was how I saw it. The growl is all anger. Rage.

And, by the same token...I liked Kilmer's voice because it seemed like he was trying Keaton's whisper.

The Batman Begins outfit is way better than The Dark Knight outfit. The only thing that I think is a major step up, is the cowl being it's own helmet separate from the neck. I would have been interested to see them keep the exact same design, but alter the cowl and neck the way they did in TDK.

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