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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Not too happy about that either. I think BB was a good promise but a so-so execution. Rachel was part of the latter.

But when 1) he was already Batman for a long while and 2) when he thought harvey could do a better job than Batman. Bruce thought Batman was not going to be necessary anymore.
i agree with the rachel part, i somewhat really didn't like this.

with regards to andrea, i think it really humanised bruce, alot of people would say that his ration to take an event that traumatised him as a child and to run with it is verging on insanity. his interaction with andrea and his ability to love and almost heal makes him human. plus it makes his descent into batman a dual-event mixed with a long investment steady fall of the mind body and soul, followed by a complete collaspe of the heart.

which is why the scene of the birth of batman is that bit more potent.

infact, till then he had been unable to strike fear into people, and simply putting on a costume wouldn't have done it, he needed that transaction and inteaction with andrea to sell it.

and the beautiful thing is that andrea is pretty much the same except for in this situation, she's proactive while bruce is reactive. BUT it's because of this, she can kill and he can't.

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