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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
There are quite a few things, eye makeup, black bodysuit, the cloth-to-glider cape, grapple gun, the mob scene with "youre crazy" comment, saving the girl and taking her back to the cave to give her the antidote for poison to name just a few. I was planning to write about all that at some point but thats in the future, plus I need to find the quote Im looking for from Nolan when he comments on things that B89 inspired in him. As they say, good ideas never get old

He didnt draw from Burton's movies only. Sonar eyes and Two Face's death by falling while the coin falls on the side after his death, there are some nods to Forever as well

Thats a scene from Year One which was the main inspiration for Begins, but it could inspired Returns also
Yeah I was thinking about all that.

It just irks me that there are people out there who say that Nolan's Batfilms have no relations at all to the first 4 in terms of borrowing ideas or updating old ideas.

Still, I prefer some of the executions of Burton's films. In B89, when Joker goes "come and get me you gruesome SOB'", he ended up shooting the Batplane down (as unrealistic as that is).

In TDK, the ever so clever and calculating detective that is Batman, decides to possibly ram the Batpod into the Joker, only at the last second, decides that "oh well, I can't kill anybody! That's not what Batman is about" and crashes to unconsciousness.

Is that what Nolan pictures Batman to be? An indecisive guy who has to be so dramatic about killing or not killing that he ends up injuring himself? I can't imagine seeing something like that in the comics, in the cartoons or in any other movie; Batman is a smart guy and not an emotional brute.

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