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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

It's ****ing the ****ing **** of ****ing awesomeness.

How is it fun? Because I know exactly what i'm about to watch.

How is it not boring? Because I like the characters. They entertain me.

Why do I love this movie? Because it's ****ing terrible. And just so stupid, but IT knows what it is, and I know what it is, and therefore, I ****ing love the **** out if it.

Plus, when I think of Transformers I think ****ING AWESOME...hence all the ****s. **** blows up. Chicks asses. **** blows up. And robots fighting robots.

10/10. Every single time.

ROTF gets a 8/10 for being stupid. But the action is still the ****.

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