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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by CelticPredator View Post
I also have to ask....why did ANY of you expect a good movie? How come i'm the only one who knew this was going to suck?

I get if you went into say....Rise of the Apes and the movie was just like this...that would be horrible....

But if I went into Transformers, and got a Rise of the Apes, i'd be pissed as well. Because I aint payin 20 bucks to see people discuss important things.

I expected childish humor. I expected useless expository dialouge, I expected weak acting. But, I also expected A ****LOAD of action! and hot chick(s?), Optimus kicking ass, slow motion, and EXPLOSIONS!

It's like people MUST have a good movie all the time. Bah! Stop being snobs! Enjoy your greasy cheap burger! :Hehe:
I dunno, when I watch the animated movie it ignites my imagination and I actually care about the journey and the outcome. That's what I'd like from a live action adaptation. Not just loud, mindless drivel that forces you to look at watch fifty times.

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