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Default the humanity of Captain America

Did anybody notice the sequence the Captain America graphic novel "Hail Hydra" in which Cap (albeit in his guise as "the Captain") comes upon a group of Hydra goons as they are about to drive a stake through the heart of a woman vampire despite her pleas for mercy?
Despite the fact that he's fought and killed vampires(of both sexes presumably) both during and after WWII, he forthrightly orders them to spare her, and after defeating them, forbids her to feed on them, even though she claims to be "starving"- and anyway if they were going to treat her as though she was a monster, then she might as well act the part.
Perhaps, he replies but even though his country might have disowned him, he hasn't disowned what his country stands for, and eyeing a pair of rats nearby, notes that there are "other forms of vermin "she could feed on to satisfy her need for blood. His point of course was that she had no more right to take their lives than they had to take hers in the first place; two wrongs do NOT make one right.
Most writers and readers of the title often overlook this aspect of Captain America's character- his profound respect and reverence for human life(even for those of his foes- of course it could be argued that technically vampires are not alive anyway but as Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter aptly observed, "there are things that you cannot do even to a dog," morally if not legally.
Anybody think as I do?


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