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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
I actually beg to differ with regards to bruce. He makes a decision as the age of 8 to dedicate his life to a cause. A concept of doubt towards committing to that is obviously going to creep in. How many people want to do something at 8 and actually manage it, let alone dedicate their lives to something.

the reason it's a cliche is that it's probably the only thing that could have changed the course of bruce. Like he said, he never counted on being happy, what makes anyone happier than being in a relationship with someone they truly care about.

besides having nothing stop potentially stopping him makes him a 2 dimensional character.

i don't get what you mean about the defining.

the killing aspect wouldn't stop andrea being the phantasm, it didn't stop bruce being batman, it was merely a sympton of being eaten up by the path of vengeance.

I would say the batman mask itself is not what scares alfred, it's the eyes (hence why we get a close up of the eyes)m bruce's eyes are what have become scary and not the costume and his eyes are defined by his almaganated loss. he didn't have fear in his eyes before (i am a believer the costume itself is irrelevant and the eyes are the telling part as they are focussed on alot in motp). in fairness his costume is no less intimidating than supermans, or lets canary.

i don't see anything wrong with bruce wanting to not be batman, being batman isnt' a great thing as everyone who's ever worked with bruce has encountered.

because inhumanity which isn't rationalised in adult hood is just plain lunacy.

the only reason bruce becomes strong to the actions of others in dcau is because he was royally burned by andrea back in the day. Even in perchance to dream if he had his perfect life, andrea wouldn't have been part of it, that's how much she burnt him.

as females in superhero films go, she's certainly the best love interest to date and is a double beacor warning of what the hero could have had or could have become if he didn't walk that line so finely. andrea beaumont is everything good and everything bad in bruce at the same time.

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