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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Batman is a very operatic figure, but not realistic. The mere fact that hes human does not determine whether his realistic or not. Its a guy who experienced a psychological trauma and dresses for a bat jumping on the roofs fighting crime at night. A guy in a bat suit working with police. Cmon. Then theres the "no-kill" rule of just about every superhero from Superman to SpiderMan to whatever you can think of. Its absolutely unrealistic. Cops and soldiers who fight crime and terror have no such rule because its just impossible. Its like going to Iraq thinking not one taliban will be killed. Plus the guy is set on revenge and built on personal pain and hate for criminals.

The most realistic is by far Punisher. The guy uses guns and bulletproof vest. and hates criminals so he kills them mercilessly having the death of his family in his mind. No one would spare murderers knowing one of them murdered their entire family. Its like Gibson's Road Warrior

But anyway, there are some points I want to address

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
First off, let's look at the fact that he's a multi-billionaire. I know that such people exist, but I am not one of them nor is anyone with whom I'm personally acquainted. I doubt many comic fans can say otherwise.
Theres more billionaires and multimillionaires than you think. I actually know someone who's worth nearly a billion dollar and lives in Malibu. I used to work with certain celebrities years ago. But Wayne isnt just one of the billionaire's , hes pretty much equivalent to Trump's son, someone whos super ich yet known by people and sometimes looked at by media. So nothing unrealistic here for me

Then you look at his history: Parents are gunned down in an alley by a desperate mugger, who in turn leaves a living witness? Pretty unlikely.
Youre forgetting a very important fact that fans seem to ( some intentionally) forget about, which is that it was actually a mob hit in disguise, thats why Bruce was spared to testify it was an attempted robbery.

Then he's raised by Alfred. How the hell does the custody of the sole heir to a massive empire fall into the hands of the help?
Its not ANY help tho. Alfred was a special person for Waynes and had a very special relationship with the family.

And how do you parent your boss? "You're grounded!" "You're fired!"
I thought he had a right balance. He was help, but at the same time he was a friend with an advice and a helpful grandfather figure with strong moral values

Im not mentioning villains cause by design they were always suppose to be like the Dick Tracy villains. The original premise of Batman mythos was to have very out of this world villains

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