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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I noticed that with Thor too, then cap came out and when i saw people posting here about it i was like
I know, after a few re-watches I always expect to see a little criticism, but people comparing it to Green Lantern, etc, which wasnt a movie I hated but at the same time, Thor was much better.

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
It always happens with new superhero movies. If the movie has enough action there's all that yay. After a while people start seeing it for what it really was.
Thor really was a good movie though, so I just dont see were the criticism has come from.

Originally Posted by co2 View Post

I must admit, I do love watching the action scenes of TIH more than those of Iron Man, so in that respect, I would put it alongside Cap.
Cap is certainly the fastest moving movie of them all. The others have moments that drag, but I never felt that way with Cap.
TIH and Thor have had by far the best action scene's out of any of these movies so far, only really The Destroyer fight in Thor dissapointed me, the rest was pretty good, every action in TIH was good, although not as good as Ang's Hulk movie for me at the same.

I was really dissapointed in the action in Captain America, especially as I thought Johnston did some great action scene's for The Wolfman.

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