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Default Re: Michael Caine as Alfred Thread

In BB and TDK, Alfred's character has been written to develop these sort of word-play exchanges with Bruce that always come back and are referenced later in the movie.

Example: Why do we fall? / You still haven't given up on me... Nevah / etc...

TDK: The bandit story / Today you get to say I told you so / Today I don't want to etc...

Good writing from Nolan. I expect to see more of these exchanges in TDKR.

Actually a lot of Nolan's movies have that circularity in the dialogue (i.e., Didn't you get the memo? / Nice coat) ... in The Prestige there's a scene where Caine's character tells Jackman's character about drowning being like going home. Later it comes back and Caine reveals that it is actually "agony" the "every magic trick consists of three parts" narration is repeated, but its meaning has changed by the film's end. This writing technique exists in every Nolan movie.

Are you watching closely?

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