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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Many Spoliers ahead if you havn't seen C.A.don't read further.------------
Ok I don't believe I am going to say this and I just realized this as I read this.However Cap was the best Superhero movie And yet Iron man is my favorite Superhero Movie while Hulk is my favorite Superhero.Ok let me explain Iron man to me was the most entertaining out of all of them.However In Cap A there never seemed to be a moment where I noticed he put the suit or the mask on the transition and humaness of the Character was always there with or without the costume on.Sort of what TIH should have been if that makes sense.
Also I believe Cap was the closest rendition of them all.
I also agree with the above statement about the Avengers set-up not allowing the movie to stand on it's own.Iron man and Hulk and Thor to some degree were allowed to stand on their own.Someone made a statement about Iron man 2 that seemed to make sense it was like Nick fury and shield and or Avengers featuring Iron Man.Ican understand his statement.In Cap A it felt kind of forced.Maybe if the movie would have ended with him frozen in Ice and then having them stumble across him wich by the way was lacking because if you are not a comic fan you would have never figured that out.
Why do I say that?Because they had him under the ice briefly in the begging but not enough for the non comic goer.However having said that.The way it plays out seemed forced.The last scene should have come after the credits of some sort.Or not have it be Fury who speaks to him after he wakes and then have Fury in the after Credit scene when Steve is punching the bag.
Having said this I understand why they are doing it this way but my fear is by doing this and not alowing to fully stand on it's own.These individual franchises will not be able to stand on thier own in sequels once the Avengers comes out.

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