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Default Re: So let's talk about Mask of the Phantasm...

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
Andrea Beaumont is the best Batman love interest, ever.
Thanks I needed a good laugh. She's the best Batman love interest ever who's only been introduced in a 1hr 17 minute film. Then never ever used again. While Catwoman has been in 70 years of comics, as well as tv shows, animated series and three live action movies (including TDKR, excluding Catwoman (2004) aka CINO). Whose relationship with Batman has developed and matured for years. Including their alter egos. Don't get me wrong I think Andrea served her purpose in MOTP. And she's an interesting character. But her relationship with Batman or Bruce wasn't meant to be. She isn't even close to the best love interest. Not by a long shot, imo.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
damn straight, it makes catwoman seem...balanced and like a small crush, and talia seem like an escort,
I guess if you're going by TAS, which is still a load of bull. To each their own.

there's an episode where bruce is looking at old love interests and her picture isn't part of the list, that grates me but i just guess her pic is too painful to look at and he doesn't have any in the house.
Or maybe the writers just thought she was a plot device and nothing more. She served her purpose in MOTP. Her cahracter was made for MOTP that's probably why TAS or wherever you saw that from didn't include her in the photos.

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