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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
Some characters and story ideas wouldn't work for the first Avengers movie,
What characters do you think should be in the sequel?
Who should be the bad guy, what story should they do?

I have an idea for the sequel that wouldn't work really for the first Avengers movie.
Avengers 1) Introduce all the characters, get to know them and their abilities, and personalities.
I think Loki/ Hulk team up would be good, with Hulk being manipulated by Loki against the Avengers until Loki fights the Avengers himself.

Avengers 2, or 3) Ultron was the bad guy.
While the other films hint at Hank Pym's instability, this film really shows it. We see how insecure he is, how mentally unstable he is, and how he resents his fellow Avengers, and himself. He even has a break down earlier, perhaps.
He feels he is a failure as a scientist, avenger, and husband. He might not be, but he thinks he is.
He builds Ultron, and AI robot. Ultron hates all life on Earth and wants to destroy it, but most of all he hates the Avengers. Especially Hank Pym. Ultron would be a living embodiment of Pym's dark side. While this film would have ultron as the villain, and focus on him, the main focus of the Avengers movie could be Hank Pym.
Ultron, in his plans for destroying the Avengers and all human life, creates robot drones. His greatest weapon is the Vision.
Vision, perhaps near the end of the movie, turns on Ultron very similar to how Ultron turned on Pym.

Its not really plotted out, just some ideas of mine on how a Ultron Avengers movie could go.

I also think that after Avengers 3 they could start with the rotating cast, maybe introduce some characters in Avengers 2 or 3 that would stick around as main cast members in Avengers 4, like Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Vision, Tigra, Falcon, She-Hulk, Hercules, any character who would fit with the stories.

Anyone else have any ideas on Avengers sequals, the characters, stories, coarse the movies would take?
I looooove this I had a similar idea.

I proposed in the Ant-Man thread in the marvel films section, that Wonder-Man should be the villain in the Ant-Man film, and that Ultron could be introduced as a project he is working on(I know they want to make the films a bit more self contained but if they leave it at that it would be cool) And in the end Wonder-Man could either die or switch sides(Or both)

Then in Avengers Ultron does not only create Vision but he does so using Wonder-Man's Brain waves pretty much the classic story.

I believe the only new Avengers that should be introduced in 2 Ant-Man, Wasp & Black Panther

Everything else you wrote is spot on and even if what I want doesn't come to fruition(Good chance) I'd be ecstatic if your synopsis became a film.

I feel Vision should be introduced in 2 so that he could be a main Avenger full-time in 3.

In order to Make room for the new team members, they could give slightly smaller roles to the old ones, it seems harsh but think about it. They could do like in EMH when Ultron seemingly kills Thor, but in reality, he was transported by Amora(Assuming she would have been introduced by then) And held in a dream world. Then at the end of the film when he snaps out of it he shows up and we get the ever classic line.....

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