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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
this conversation isn't about powers which i brought up in my initial posts. It's about character concept.

to which i say superman's character origins are far more realistic.
So your saying that if alien baby landed in a corn field, a nice couple would just take him in and not tell anyone, with no fear for their own safety?

And your saying that if you or I were that alien, having grown up taught to hide for fear of being dissected like a frog if anyone knew about us, it would be perfectly realistic to put on a multi coloured suit and walk around in plain sight letting everyone know we were different?

And your saying that it'd be totally realistic that as soon as that suit came off and we wore a baggy shirt and glasses, no one would recognise us?

I'm sorry, but I can much more easily imagine myself hiding in dark alleyways with hi tech body armour and weapons, because my rich parents were killed by a thug and i'm a bit screwed up about it.

That seems way more believable to me.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
how many billion people have lived so far, lived with substantial amounts of wonga who have had tragic upbringings that have committed themselves to a vigilante lifestlye?

Hang on a minute... Your comparing a question about how many REAL LIFE Batman's there are...

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
yet we have stories of outsiders entering basic communities, integrating and ultimately making them better while upholding their beliefs. i.e. hercules, tarzan, dragonball, new adventures of he-man, farscape, buck rogers. it even has its own trope have a look, heck superman even has his own section in it

i mean crumbs, the moses story in the bible is pretty much superman's. I'm not going to get into whether the bible is real or not but there are more examples of this in 'historical' literature than batman's.
... And using a statement about Superman like characters in FICTION to try and make this arguement?

Yes, Superman fits an archetype more common in fiction.

What does that have to do with whether or not his origin is more realistic?

It just means there have been a lot of very unrealistic stories about people from other worlds coming to help us.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
this is my point. I don't know why you are glossing over it and concentrating on aspects of the characters which are irrelevant to them. If clark's kryptonian nature gave him no powers what so ever, he'd still be more realistic.
If Clark had no powers, he wouldn't be a superhero.

He'd probably just be a journalist.

But he'd be fighting injustice with his journalism. He'd be as much of a hero as Lois basically.

So I don't see how your statement makes sense.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
the only issue per say is whether or not his intergration into the human race as a child would make him more/less dedicated to the cause or not (i mean if he had come later on, it may have made a difference on his outlook).
I'd say his outlook on humanity, having grown up raised as a human, taught good human moral values, is actually one of the more realistic things about him.

But even that depends on the interpretation.

Because some people think he sees himself as a human with powers, and some people think he sees himself as a krytonian among humans.

I'd say the former is more realistic when he arrived as a child, but the latter would be his outlook if he remembered his world. Kind of like Kara I guess.

Superman: "I can only tell you what I believe, Diana. humankind has to be allowed to climb to its own destiny. We can't carry them there."
Flash: "But that's what she's saying. What's the point? Why should they need us at all?"
Superman: "To catch them if they fall."
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