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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

suicide, you are getting wrapped up in details here.

your first line equates to a family taking in an outsider no questions asked. Yes, that is a believable trait.

your second line refers to being feared for an outsider, you still use your talents to rise above the ranks. yes, that too is a believable trait.

suits irrelevant and I'm a personal believer any sort of secret identity would be mute as well. it's almost impossible. But my discussion was never based on identities.

and again, how many wealthy individuals have had childhood tragedy in their lives and have decided to deal with them in a vigilante based lifestyle?

In the same way as you say, if clark had no powers, he would be a journalist (which is debatable but is possible and IS realistic), a powerless bruce is no more likely to be a superhero than clark kent is. As grounded each one of bruce's unique traits seem to be to acquire on paper, the mentality to become a 'batman' and the amalgamation of these skilss is probably one of the most far fetched things to want to pull off.

and yes, i use the numbers game because there is nothing stopping a batman from have occurred, his tragedy and money influence are not unique to him alone. Yet he stands alone.

batman in parts is very realistic but the full combination isn't, as there would have been at least one permutation of it in history so far and there's yet to be one established.

The reason i think the superman archtype is more realistic is because it's easily replicable. take a high end teacher going into a poor neighbourhood school and becoming its best teacher and winning the respect of the students. Or a volunteer who winds up in a native village and decides to stay and become its ambassordor. or high end meat eaters who become vegans and fight to save the planet. the superman archetype is quite grounded when you look at it from that point of view. remember scale plays no part in my discussion. so while i may give fictional examples, there are thousands of real life ones i could give as well.

so the supes mythos is simply a scaled up version of what normal proactive people in different cultures do on an everyday basis to enhance said culture.

and that's what makes it more realistic.

personally i think clark became a journalist because that would fit his hero ethos. had he had no powers, he would have maybe become a motivational speaker or writer/ something along those lines. Maybe even a politician.

as for clark, i think he is both a human on earth and also kryptonian among humans. As a dual heritage individual, i walk similar lines, feeling like an african in western society and also a westerner in african societies. how he feels depends on his surroundings and his company. like clark at work is different to clark with lana etc. same with spokesperson superman is very different to supes when hes speaking to wonderwoman and bats.

there's nothing wrong with having both together as we are never just one thing and again, that helps with his realism.

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