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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
suicide, for the last three or four posts, i keep saying i'm looking at the concept archtype and you keep bringing back specific storyline specifics.

how can we have any sort of discussion when you keep looking at the finer details of a single fictional story detail and i keep looking at the larger scale trope of the character.
How can we come to any sort of conclusion when your are IGNORING the details and aspects that derail your arguement in order to make it fit into the 'concept archtype' that you want it to fit in?

Basically, in order for me to accept that Superman is more realistic than Batman, I have to forget EVERYTHING I know about them bar the barest gist of a storyline?

That's ridiculous IMO.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
your batman argument to putting together high levels of probability in order to come up with the unique traits that produce bruce wayne is very reminscent of the physics experiment which showed technically if you shot a tank bullet into a sheet of paper, there is a possibility it would bounce off. you would therefore recommend building armour out of paper based on this notion as a realistic approach to protecting yourself.
How does that even make sense?

This has nothing to do with recommendation. I wouldn't recommend anyone try and be Batman. I never even said it was definitely feasible. Just MORE likely than becoming Superman.

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
that superman idealogy would be like wearing some sort of vest which may not be completely bullet proof but could save your life 4/10 and has been shown to save people's lives outside of an laboratory experiment.
I have literally lost the plot with you here... what Superman ideology are you referring too... cause I can't see what your commenting on, let alone whether it makes sense... it might help if you actually quoted what your talking about

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
if you did a normal distribution of people in society and the events leading to a batman were more scarce than the events leading to a superman, wouldn't that mean batman is less realistic?????
If you did a normal distribution of people in society and the events leading to a batman and a superman... both would come back zero...

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
batman motif is someone who has been scarred by a traumatic event in his passed loved ones who has isolated himself in order to become the best in his specific field. by using the very tatics that caused the original tragedy itself.

that is completely different to tackling a bully that has bullied your friend. said student would have had to have left the school and this kid would have had to have excelled in every single extra curricular field of study, sports, exams, had the populat girls and completely erradicated bullying at his place, all while having no friends and touring school at night creating pionnering means to stop bullying.

how much harder is that than a new ethnic kid from out of town becoming the most popular and quarterback for the sports team who gets good grades and pulls teh school together??
So i'm not allowed to go into story specifics when i'm point out Superman's unrealistic qualities, but you are with Batman?

I am only doing what you are doing. Boiling down the character to it's barest elements and providing a vague analogy.

And now you are doing what I was doing... pointing out how much more complicated the story is than those elements account for.

Which is precisely why your arguement is contradicting itself!

I have highlighted a few of the 'story details' that you are getting hung up on so you can see your own hypocrasy.

You are commenting on the details of Batman's story being what makes him unrealistic, but claiming Superman realistic without addressing any of the details.

As I said before, Double Standard.
Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
in all sense, there's no way to quantify the media's response to a unique alien outsider joining us, and also there is a cultural aspect to take into consideration, some cultures may embrace him without any hassle while some may be more scared or skeptical of him. so either your or my situations are very feasible and one isn't necessarily more realistic than the other but mine is still very much possible.

we could be talking about the story of tarzan and you could spend the entire time talking about how impossible it is for humans to talk to animals and derail what i'm trying to present.

you're intelligent enough to know what i'm trying to place infront of you, i am not the person who came up with this concept, this is a well established trope which was established thousands of years before you, i, superman or batman ever existed.

and you know fully well you don't need, costumes, an alien origin, or any of that stuff to be considered a superhero, that's just glaze to make characters stand out on print.
No one is argueing that Superman doesn't fit into that 'trope'.

I'm just argueing that it doesn't make him more realistic or believable because he does.

Superman: "I can only tell you what I believe, Diana. humankind has to be allowed to climb to its own destiny. We can't carry them there."
Flash: "But that's what she's saying. What's the point? Why should they need us at all?"
Superman: "To catch them if they fall."

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