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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
How can we come to any sort of conclusion when your are IGNORING the details and aspects that derail your arguement in order to make it fit into the 'concept archtype' that you want it to fit in?

Basically, in order for me to accept that Superman is more realistic than Batman, I have to forget EVERYTHING I know about them bar the barest gist of a storyline?

That's ridiculous IMO.

How does that even make sense?

This has nothing to do with recommendation. I wouldn't recommend anyone try and be Batman. I never even said it was definitely feasible. Just MORE likely than becoming Superman.

I have literally lost the plot with you here... what Superman ideology are you referring too... cause I can't see what your commenting on, let alone whether it makes sense... it might help if you actually quoted what your talking about

If you did a normal distribution of people in society and the events leading to a batman and a superman... both would come back zero...

So i'm not allowed to go into story specifics when i'm point out Superman's unrealistic qualities, but you are with Batman?

I am only doing what you are doing. Boiling down the character to it's barest elements and providing a vague analogy.

And now you are doing what I was doing... pointing out how much more complicated the story is than those elements account for.

Which is precisely why your arguement is contradicting itself!

I have highlighted a few of the 'story details' that you are getting hung up on so you can see your own hypocrasy.

You are commenting on the details of Batman's story being what makes him unrealistic, but claiming Superman realistic without addressing any of the details.

As I said before, Double Standard.

No one is argueing that Superman doesn't fit into that 'trope'.

I'm just argueing that it doesn't make him more realistic or believable because he does.
alright, describe the batman trope in your eyes, i've describe a superman trope

in fact screw it, let's say we both describe their tropes and discuss those within the specifics of our descriptions of them so we can move forward otherwise we are not going to get anything done

and the only reason i was trope trolling with your batman motif was because you were doing it with my superman one and i wanted to point out how bloody irritating it is. take some of your own medicine

and apologies for not quoting, i find the whole quoting thing leads to a desconstruction of any real form of an argument because nothing gets achieved. i've been on here far too long to realise that. And while it can be 'fun', i don't want it to disintegrate into repetitive chat, which i think ours is on the verge of doing.

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