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Default Re: Official X-FACTOR Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Manic View Post
Looks like there's a big guy on the left (Guido), a woman in the air with flaps under her arms (Terry), two women on the bottom right (Monet & Layla), an animal-like figure on the big guy's shoulder (Rahne), and a figure with short bangs up front on the left (Rictor or Longshot).

If there's another directly in front of Guido, they're impossible to make out.

If Havok is on the team, does that mean he's going to take over as leader? Will Jamie give over command to Alex while he himself is content with merely being the subordinate owner of X-Factor Investigations? Or is Alex stepping up because Jamie isn't there? Or will Alex be yet another person coping with Jamie's "takes forever, but eventually makes the right choice" leadership?
It looks like there's two sets of legs by Guido's. His are behind the rock at the bottom, then one, or both put together coming down the side of it like someone sitting on the rock.

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