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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

This is tough.

I really liked Iron Man when I saw it in theaters. I also got a hand job in the theater but thats neither here or there. I thought it was fun, RDJ was very charismatic and I really felt the rivalry between RDJ and Jeff Bridges. The action was nothing spectacular except for a few scenes but this was a great origin story. 8.5/10

The Incredible Hulk didn't sit too well with me. I thought this Hulk looked much better than the cartoony mess by Ang Lee and the fight with Abomination was insane. The thing is I didn't care for the story. Bruce is already the Hulk when the movie starts. It's not a true origin in him being hired by the military and an explosion occurring that filled Banner with gamma rays. Ed Norton is a wonderful actor but I feel he didn't bring his acting presence we've come to know of him in films like Fight Club, American History X, and 25th Hour. Liv Tyler blew and John Hurt was mediocre. The ending was pretty cool. 6/10

Iron Man 2 looked to have so much promise. A great cast and what looked to be like some amazing action. Now the action was fun, the new suit was tremendous, RDJ was still great, Mickey Rourke was great but everyone else was meh. Don Cheadle was horrible. Great actor but sucked as War Machine. The visuals were stunning but something didn't click like the first one. ScarJo was sexy but her performance was boring. I wanted more of Justin Hammer and Whiplash. 7.5/10

Now Thor is my favorite Marvel film. I thought Asgard looked enchanting and Chris Hemsworth brought Thor justice. The action was great especially the battle against the frost giants. The chemistry between Portman and Hemsworth is what really sells me on the film. Just plain ol fun 10/10

Captain America I loved as well. Chris Evans was a good choice, Atwell was beautiful and this was a truly great origin story. I felt sucked in to the 40's. The USO, the shield, Red Skull's make up were all on point. I do wish Red Skull had more of an impact but hey whatcha gonna do when the hulkster runs wild on you!! 9/10

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