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Default Re: Should The Wolverine be in 3D?

Originally Posted by bradders View Post
Why do some people hate 3d so much?
Because most of the time it's a cheap unnecessary conversion that makes the picture darker and the ticket prices higher.

It makes the films much more money which gives them bigger budgets and if you don't like 3d then they always release a 2d version as well.
And it costs us more, which no one likes. Sure, there's a 2D version, but when the movie is new those screenings are usually limited and if you want to see the movie in IMAX, then 3D is your only option.

Also 3d is much better on 3d TV then the cinema so it makes the viewing experience much better at home if you have a 3d TV.
I don't have a 3D tv, and have no interest in getting one.

3d is here to stay and its getting bigger all the time. why would they want to kill it off when its an extra source of revenue.
Not really. If you look at the box office grosses from this summer, less than half of the money the big movies made came from 3D screenings. The novelty is fading, and fast.

If it's done right (like with Avatar), then it could be worth the extra expense. But most of the time it's just a cheap, needless conversion that most don't want to pay a higher ticket price for.

If you don't like 3d that's your choice but stop being so pissy about it and just watch the 2d version. your making a problem out of nothing.
Since this is your first post here, you might want to be a little more careful with the attitude. Just sayin'.

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