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Wall Re: Should The Wolverine be in 3D?

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Because most of the time it's a cheap unnecessary conversion that makes the picture darker and the ticket prices higher.

And it costs us more, which no one likes. Sure, there's a 2D version, but when the movie is new those screenings are usually limited and if you want to see the movie in IMAX, then 3D is your only option.

I don't have a 3D tv, and have no interest in getting one.

Not really. If you look at the box office grosses from this summer, less than half of the money the big movies made came from 3D screenings. The novelty is fading, and fast.

If it's done right (like with Avatar), then it could be worth the extra expense. But most of the time it's just a cheap, needless conversion that most don't want to pay a higher ticket price for.

Since this is your first post here, you might want to be a little more careful with the attitude. Just sayin'.
well 1st yes 3d ticket prices are higher but that doesnt increase the 2d prices so that isnt really an issue.

2nd most cinemas should show the film in IMAX no matter what screening you watch providing the film was recorded in IMAX so thats an issue with your cinema. And if 2d screenings are limited at your cinema then it cant be taking more money then 3d there otherwise that's bad business

3rd just because you dont want a 3d tv doesnt mean nobody else is allowed one. Its about choice

4th even if only a quarter of the money was made by people watching 3d (which doesn't seem to be the case at my cinema) that's still a lot of money so i cant see them pulling away for that reason.

and lastly the only reason it may seem like i've got attitude is this issue really bugs me. all 3d is doing is giving people an extra choice, taking it away because some people don't like it would be unfair to others that do. chick flicks don't make much money in the box office but you don't hear people complaining that they make them. I always see films in 3d because I like it and don't mind paying the extra few quid.

like you say avatar was done really well and that's a big congrats to the producers and directors etc. so when a 3d film isn't done well then its their fault not 3d's fault.

end of the day if you don't like 3d then don't watch it, it doesn't affect the 2d version.

sorry if you feel like i'm arguing with you because that's not my goal.

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