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Default Re: Captain America vs. The Human Torch - Which Chris Evans Performance Do You Prefer

I think he fits the torch role better. He's naturally comedic

I just can't see steven rogers or captain america when he's wearing the suit. To me it felt like a satirical character playing a serious one.

now don't get me wrong, i'm removing the quality of the films away from this equation. chris got far more screen time and much better quality scenes in cap which may swing his role but I still think if we were to replace actors in both roles, his johnny role would be harder to fill rather than his cap one.

I never got the essence of soldier from him in cap. I suppose it didn't help showing a large proportion of his missions being montages, I think we could have coped with one more raid being highlighted

maybe with the reality of the avengers coming out, i can't see chris confidently standing among all those great actors and coming across as commanding them through (or eventually leading them through if they break away from shield).

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