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Default Re: Final Season DVD/Bluray Set Discussion

It's total utter ******** to the people who've bought the show each season like myself that we're getting so boned on the extra features department now.

It's not bad enough that we have to wait until the ass-end of November unlike every other year when we got such by this week in August.

It's not bad enough the original DVD packaging for the first three seasons was so shotty that it broke with absolute minimal wear.

It's not bad enough that the packaging for seasons 4 through 7 is the lame cardboard 'accordion' style that also, as far as the 'teeth' the grip the center hole of the DVD is concerned, also break with minimal wear.

Nooooo, that's not bad enough.

Now in order for them to make the most for their money and put it for Holiday buying, we get screwed even more on both time and features.

All because we supported the show every god damn mother ****ing season individually instead of waiting an entire decade to buy the **** sucking DVD box set!!!!

...This actually has me more angry than Welling not putting on the ****ing suit like he was supposed to!

**** you, WB! **** you, CW!

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