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Default Re: The Action Scenes

Originally Posted by truth View Post
Errr okay nishil....

For me, I thougt the action was great. It was just right. Sure, it was not on the levels of Reloaded or Equilibrium but compared to the action in First Class, Iron man films, thor and the two Nolan batman trounces them.
You really felt how strong and mobile Cap was
I'd have to disagree, both Thor and First Class had superior action scene's in them the Cap. The fight with the Ice Giants, Thor vs Loki, Shaw and his team raiding the CIA HQ and the final battle in Fc were all far superior and more tension filled than anything Cap had to offer.

I would say the action scene's in Cap were on par with Iron Man films and for the most part better than the Nolan Bat-movies, but again the car chases in both Bat movies are better spectacle's than anything in Cap also.

2017 movie ratings out of 10:

1)War For The Planet Of The Apes-9.5(2)Logan-9.5(3)Baby Driver-9.5(4)Dunkirk-9(5)Thor: Ragnorak-9(6)Wonder Woman-9(7)Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2-9(8)Blade Runner 2049-8.5(9)It-8(10)Spider-Man: Homecoming-8(11)John Wick 2-8(12)Split-8(13)Kingsman: The Golden Circle-8(14)Kong: Skull Island-7.5(15)Justice League-7(16)Alien Covenant-7(17)Ghost In The Shell-7(18)POTC: Salazar's Revenge-7(19)The Dark Tower-4(20)Transformers: The Last Knight-4
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